A tacky wood carving in sand

Why Do I Have This – The Vacation Souvenir

Every time I happen upon this particularly garish wood carving in some dark corner of my home, be it a closet, under a desk, or in a chest freezer, I am subjected to a multitude of conflicting emotions, including, but not limited to, love, shame, nostalgia, regret, altruism, and resentment. That…

Pile of paper clips

The Endless Possibilities of Paper Clips – A Review

As you may be aware, a certain fruit recently saw fit to make a purchase using my Amazon Prime account. Though the aforementioned party has met with a timely and appropriate fate, his legacy has been carried forward in the form of a parcel containing an alleged one-thousand paper clips….

A brass hook on wine corks

One-Inch Brass Cup Hook – a Review

I could not say with any certainty what my motivation was for purchasing this item, let alone a pack of them, as I am not one to hang cups. I checked my kitchen and I can confirm that my wife also does not use this hook in a manner that…

This is a content orange

4 Things This Orange Does Not Do Well

This particular orange was placed with purpose upon the cart in our kitchen that we use to store certain fruits and vegetables for easy access while cooking. You see my wife has the idea in her mind that if I am not able to see a food item, be it…

Still a sock

One of my Socks – a Review

This sock has been part of my weekly dress ritual for roughly 7 to 8 months. Though such information can prove to be invaluable in moments of reflection, I find that the people who track how long they’ve owned an individual sock constitute a surprisingly small minority. This sock is…